When we love to tour or travel in some  places, we need passport to travel or tour around. Except of this one beautiful place here on earth “THE UNDERWATER WORLD”. The Underwater world is an exceptional and most amazing place that you want to explore when you were alive. Look at in the picture and see how stunning the underwater world is. You can enjoy seeing small and big beautiful creatures underwater, but remember. As we travel around the world like some popular places, we observe ourselves to behave and act like a tourist, Same goes into underwater when we go SCUBA DIVING or SNORKELING we need to act like a tourist not a terrorist. Please avoid damaging corals and throwing trash in the sea water. I already told you the most important rules when doing scuba diving and snorkeling. Now here’s the thing, if you don’t have liscence or cannot swim, thats not a problem or excuse not to try scuba diving. PUAHELE DIVING TOUR can make your dreams come true. We can help you about that. We offer DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING for the first timer and no liscence required. We can go 10 to 12 meters deep with INSTRUCTOR and DIVE MASTER with you to insure your safety and enjoy your dive. We guide you into the  underwater places that where the beautiful corals and many fishes are and make your memories unforgettable. By the way, don’t forget to bring underwater camera ok? But if you don’t have underwater camera thats not a problem you can have your pictures underwater because we have underwater camera and its free! all you have to do is encircle the YES in the form and we post it in our FACEBOOK page then you just grab your pictures there!. So what are you waiting for E-MAIL us here and let us be make your memories unforgettable!